Dance Healing Class & Breath Movement Series with Hayley Shannon

Tuesday Dance Healing Class 9:00 - 10:30am
Drop-ins welcome  sliding scale $15-20, class cards available too for more savings!

Breath Movement Series
with Hayley Shannon
5 Sundays  1st sunday Feb- June 1:00 - 4:00pm, except May is 1:30 - 4:30pm
Feb 2   Mar 1   April 5   May 3 (1:30-4:30pm)   June 7
Channel the power of your breath and movement to transform stuck energy and embody your power.
This is the fourth time this series is being offered.  We go deep!
About the Series
Your breath is a powerful bridge to your presence.  This series moves through four stages of breath related to the stages of healing.  Give yourself permission to be where the body calls you to be.  We often avoid spaces within ourselves that need our loving attention due to old fear-based patterns that accumulate in our lives.  These holding patterns may no longer serve us and often limit us from embracing our whole selves.  Each workshop invites you to embody presence with non-judgement and to develop your innate capacity for compassion and healing.
 - Enhance body awareness and connectivity
 - Develop new healthy patterns for your body, heart, mind
 - Harvest resources from within to inspire your personal and artistic life
 - Cultivate self-compassion and acceptance
Participants receive FREE access to recordings of guided activities>
Art supplies are provided.  Feel free to bring a journal and your own supplies if desired.
Wheelchair accessible, adults only 18+, of all physical abilities welcome.
No prior movement experience necessary.

limited to ten, Pre-register for full series required to ensure that we co-create a community that has built a foundation of trust to go deep.
Early bird rate offered until 1/15/20 $160-360 (save $40)
Regular rate: $200-400 sliding scale
* scholarships available online 
via online form
* Payment plans available upon request.
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Hayley Shannon is a dance artist based in Seattle, WA exploring dance as a vessel for empowerment and healing. She trained at Tamalpa Institute for Somatic Expressive Arts Therapy and LivingDance~LivingMusic, an alternative dance/movement therapy route with Dr. Danielle Fraenkel in Corfu, Greece, and has a B.A. in Communications and Dance from Michigan State University. Hayley empowers folks of all ages to embody their presence through the art of dance.

Hayley Shannon (she/her)
Movement Artist, Dance Healing