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Intergenerational BrainDance   with Teresa Tam
(all ages 14 and older and children age 6-13 if accompanied by an adult)

begins October 2nd

Wednesdays, 6:00 - 7:00 pm, drop-ins welcome


 The BrainDance is an excellent full-body / brain exercise.  The 8 BrainDance movement patterns focus on the fundamental movement patterns which originally wired our brain/central nervous system.  Itís based on developmental movement patterns that babies do as they develop their primary reflexes that are the foundation for healthy brain development.  As children and adults, it is helpful to continue to review these patterns to help keep our bodies strong and minds sharp. This class will incorporate the BrainDance patterns in a fun atmosphere thatís great for all levels and abilities. Chairs are available for those who wish to dance seated. These BrainDance patterns are the foundation for all movement and support optimal movement & cognitive function in any activity you do.  Bring agility, balance, strength and ease to all of the movement & cognitive activities in your life.  We can expand our possibilities for moving and thus living.  A five minute standing BrainDance is a wonderful morning wake-up/work break/study break/warm-up.
Families, couples, and singles are all welcome.


Teresa Tam is a Seattle-based dance educator who believes in using dance to foster intergenerational connections and support the physical and mental health of others as they age. She has a certificate in Brain-Compatible Dance Education for Teachers through the Creative Dance Center in Seattle, WA. She studied dance throughout her undergraduate education at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and was a member and choreographer in Orchesis, her college dance company. She also holds a Masters in Policy Studies from the University of Washington, Bothell, with a focus on health policy.


Adult (14-64): $15 [4 classes: $50] and

Senior (65+): $10 [4 classes: $30]

Child (6-13, must be accompanied by an adult): $5

To contact Teresa:

jean@soma-yoga.com      (206) 782-5044       1423 NW 70th Street      Seattle, Washington   98117