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Jean Hindle

Jean is the founder of Soma Yoga and Soma Yoga & Dance Studio.  She has been a yoga & meditation teacher, somatic movement educator and dancer in Seattle for the last twenty five years.  She began developing Soma Yoga twenty years ago.  The integration of Somatic Movement Education within Classical Hatha Yoga sessions led to the development of Soma Yoga.  She is continually inspired by the openings in awareness and understanding that this weaving fosters.   Her studies and trainings include Classical Hatha Yoga, meditation practices and studies within the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, dance, Skinner Releasing, Somatic Unwinding, BioSomatics, Hanna Somatics, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, developmental movement, Body Mind Centering, BrainDance, QiGong, Thai-yoga massage and classical voice training.   Her dance background includes  Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Afro-Brazilian, Contemporary African, West African, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Low-flying Trapeze Dance, Bungee Dancing, WaterDance, Skinner Releasing and Salsa.  She is grateful for the courage and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Ani Pema Chodron, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Lama Wangdor Rinpoche, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomasa Eckert, Karen Clay, Carol Welch, Bob Smith, Etienne Capko, Daniel Nery Dos Santos Filho (Mestre Pitta), Aileen Panke, Manimou Camara and many more!



"I have found great nourishment in my years of studying with Jean. She is unique among Yoga teachers in her ability to infuse each class with both profundity and lightness. She simultaneously honors and challenges students with a highly attuned responsiveness to each individual and the whole group."
                                                                                                         - Dana Elkun


"Anything is possible....................if we play hard enough."   Jean

jean@soma-yoga.com      (206) 782-5044       1423 NW 70th Street      Seattle, Washington   98117