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Jean's Audio Practices
These audio practices (MP3's) are available to purchase 

My New Soma Snippets practices were created
to support everyone during this time.
somatic practices and meditation to support your well being throughout the day.
Some of them are short (10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 1/2 hr)
so that you may choose a short practice depending on what you may need at the moment.
You may also mix a few together if you would like longer practice time.

They may be purchased now to support the studio
and they will be emailed to you in August.

Soma Wake  - 20 minutes
Soma Rest - 20 minutes
Soma Baseline Meditation with Breathing Re-education - 1/2 hour
Soma Nurture/Soma Touch - 1/2 hour
Soma Improv - 1 hour
Soma Siesta - 1/2 hour
Soma Office Break - 10 minutes

all six Soma Snippets MP3's  - $35
please email me to order these

Soma Yoga MP3's from 2008 are available now:

these practices are gentle and ok for those with no previous experience
Soma Yoga Basics 1 hour
Deep Restoration  1 hour
Office/Classrom/Art Studio Chair Yoga  27 minutes
Improvisational Soma Yoga  1 hour

$10-single MP3
$35 for all four

Any Questions?
Jean Hindle

Upon payment receipt,
link for MP3's is emailed to you.  Please send me your email for delivery.  Thank You!
Soma Yoga Basics  $10
Office/Classroom/Art Studio Chair Yoga  $10
Deep Restoration  $10
Improvisational Soma Yoga  $10
All four MP3's   $35


if you would like to donate to the studio now to help keep our doors open
during these challenging times, we thank you!!