& Dance!  

FELDENKRAIS(r) with Chris Roberts

10:30 - 11:30am

9:15 - 10:15am

FELDENKRAIS (r) AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT (r) classes are open to anyone who is interested in improving their posture and ability to move with power, comfort and grace.  Each student is encouraged to begin where they are and to move within his or her comfort zone - therefore, classes require no previous experience with the FELDENKRAIS(r) METHOD. 

Private, hands-on table sessions are also available for those who would like more focused instruction

Email: lfc@drizzle.com
phone: 206-781-7881

Chris Roberts
Chris graduated from the Seattle/Sun Valley FELDENKRAIS(r) training program in 2001 and has been practicing in the Ballard area since then.  Having been an athlete all his life who is now challenged with learning how to move with severe arthritis, Chris can relate to folks of all different degrees of mobility.  He welcomes them to come discover how to improve their movement in whatever activity they most enjoy doing.