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Somatic Movement Education 
Change the Way You Move, Change the Way You Live  
Somatic Movement Education re-awakens our inherent agility and expands our possibilities for moving effortlessly in all we do.
  Through gentle movement patterns, this sensory-motor learning process encourages the release of muscles from involuntary, habitual contraction.
 These slow, gentle movement patterns liberate us from layers of involuntary, habitual holding patterns.
 Chronic tension patterns change as the body regains its innate ability to self-correct to ease and efficiency (neuromuscular re-patterning).

  These movement awareness practices invite quiet mind, a deep unwinding and endless discovery.  You are working with your nervous system.  
Discover the amazing capacity of your nervous system for somatic releasing, resourcing and re-education. 

These 8 developmental movement patterns focus on the fundamental patterns which originally wired our brain/central nervous system.
 These patterns are the foundation for all movement and support optimal movement & cognitive function in any activity you do.
  Bring agility, balance, strength and ease to all of the movement activities in your life. 
   BrainDance is an excellent cognitive and physical warm up
.  The re-patterning will improve any physical activity you enjoy.

Soma Yoga:  A modern yoga with ancient roots.
Bring the wisdom of somatic movement education into your yoga & meditation practice.
 These practices support agility, equanimity, quiet mind and endless discovery.
   Awareness of habitual moving, thinking and attention patterns is possible; and with awareness sits liberation. 

"Consciousness is a causative force in the human body; It reshapes the body."  
 Paul McLean, Nobel Prize Speech

Move   ~  
A more active somatics & dance session including BrainDance.
Bring ease, awareness and joy to all of the movement activities in your life.

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