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Workshops & Home Retreat Weekends with Jean - online and in studio!

Somatic Self Care Intensives - online
Saturdays  11:00am - 1:30pm     June 4
A delicious monthly saturday morning intensive of somatic movement, self massage, meditation and somatic body scan meditations.

Discover the amazing capacity of your nervous system for somatic releasing, resourcing and re-education.  
Somatic Movement Education re-awakens our inherent agility and expands our possibilities for moving effortlessly in all we do.
Chronic tension patterns change as the body regains its innate ability to self-correct to ease and efficiency (neuromuscular re-patterning).
Change the way you move, change the way you live.
These movement awareness practices invite quiet mind, a deep unwinding and endless discovery.
We will also engage with some more energetic moving with the BrainDance patterns.
You can engage with a five minute BrainDance as a morning wake up or a mid-day cognitive wake up.

This work draws from Somatic Unwinding, Hanna Somatics, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique,
Skinner Releasing, Open Source Forms, Embodied Anatomy, BrainDance developmental movement patterns
and my twenty eight years as a somatic movement educator, dancer, yoga & meditation teacher.

pre-registration required  cost for the intensive is $45
Jean Hindle  206-782-5044    jeanhindle@gmail.com

https://www.paypal.me/SomaYogaSeattle - please place Somatic self care & dates you will be attending in notes

Body, Spirit & Creativity Home Retreat  - online
Summer retreat: Saturday & Sunday   May 14-15    11:00am - 6:00pm  (every season)  

would you like a seasonal home retreat for your body, your spirit & your creative life?

In the morning, we will deeply embody and settle that monkey mind
with somatics and ArtWorks Meditation so that our creative minds may fly.
Then, we will have a lunch break, come back from lunch to a short meditation and somatics
before setting you off into your 3 hour personal creative salon time.
We will then reconvene for end of the day somatic unwinding, meditation, check-in & goodbye.

pre-registration required  cost for the weekend is $180
Jean Hindle  206-782-5044    jeanhindle@gmail.com

https://www.paypal.me/SomaYogaSeattle - please place retreat name & dates in notes

In Person Weekend at the studio!!  Yaaaaay!!

Join us for these fun weekends of playing awake!


A Weekend of Transformative Play:

Process Painting & Somatic Movement


Lydia Marshall, Founder of Art for Life

Jean Hindle, Founder of Soma Yoga & Dance Studio


Saturday and Sunday June 18th and 19th, 10am to 6pm 

Cost: $295.00   all supplies included!


These are semi-private workshops limited to 6 to provide much space in between students and lots of fresh air moving through the studio.
Vaccination required.   

Free up habituated patterns in creative process, mind and motion through Process Painting and somatic movement.

Process painting is disarmingly simple, requiring no previous art training and using basic tools: brushes, paper and high quality poster paint.
The process invites you to listen, to become deeply present to your own inner urgings, and to respect and explore what arises on the paper.
It gives you the opportunity to encounter your imagination and the energy embodied in your unique creative expression. 

Creating without expectations or a plan nurtures your most fundamental self.
With gentle facilitation, you can practice befriending
your inner critic or unwinding a limiting story to move beyond familiar stumbling blocks.
We paint in silence, in a safely held environment, without discussion or comparison. 


We will begin the mornings and take afternoon breaks with somatic movement & meditation to settle the monkey mind & reawaken inherent agility.

This weekend is open to all.  It will support all those who create in any way, including artists, writers, educators, dancers, therapists,
those in the healing arts, architects and anyone who longs to find their way back to their creative home.


Jean Hindle has been a somatic movement educator, Soma Yoga & meditation teacher and dancer in Seattle for 28 years.
She is the founder of Soma Yoga and Soma Yoga & Dance Studio.  


Lydia Marshall has been practicing process painting for 15 years and facilitating workshops and online painting sessions for 8 years. She completed her three-year apprenticeship in facilitation with Stewart Cubley of The Painting Experience in 2016, and subsequently founded Art for Life. www.lydiamarshall.com 

To register and hold your spot, please email Lydia Marshall  lydia@seaquin.me

This delicious weekend will take place at Soma Yoga & Dance Studio in Ballard. 

1423 NW 70th St  Seattle  WA  98117

Please visit our websites above for more information and to contact us with any questions.

ArtWorks Meditation Workshops
dates TBA
Somatic movement and guided drawing meditation with improvisational writing.

pre-registration required  cost for the workshop is $35
Jean Hindle  206-782-5044    jeanhindle@gmail.com

https://www.paypal.me/SomaYogaSeattle - please place workshop name & dates attending in notes

to schedule private online workshops/classes/retreats
for friends, family or your business, please contact Jean

for more information on Jean's teaching


if you would like to donate to the studio during these challenging times,
we thank you IMMENSELY!!

jeanhindle@gmail.com      (206) 782-5044       1423 NW 70th Street      Seattle, Washington   98117