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"Consciousness is a causative force in the human body; It reshapes the body."
 Paul McLean, Nobel Prize Speech


Jean Hindle is the founder of Soma Yoga and Soma Yoga & Dance Studio.  She began developing Soma Yoga twenty three years ago as she brought the power of Somatic Movement Education into her classical hatha yoga teaching.  She has been a yoga & meditation teacher, somatic movement educator and dancer in Seattle for twenty six years.    (more bio)
below is her current teaching  -  for all offerings at studio, please see classes & workshop pages
private & semi-private sessions are by appointment  (private study for adults, teens & children).  
Her regular weekly semi-private classes & workshops are below.  On site corporate, school & art studio workshops are by appointment.

an important Somatic Movement article:

Soma Yoga:  Bring the wisdom of somatic movement education into your yoga & meditation practice.  Chronic tension patterns change as the body regains its innate ability to self-correct to ease and efficiency (neuromuscular re-patterning).  These practices support agility, equanimity and quiet mind.  Somatic movement Education liberates us from layers of involuntary holding patterns, expanding our possibilities for moving and thus, living.  Awareness of habitual moving, thinking and attention patterns is possible; and with awareness sits liberation. 
Private and Semi-Private Sessions with Jean, founder of Soma Yoga are by appointment.   

Somatic Movement Education - Change the Way You Move, Change the Way You LiveSomatic Movement Education re-awakens our inherent agility and expands our possibilities for moving effortlessly in all we do.  These slow, gentle movement patterns liberate us from layers of involuntary, habitual holding patterns.  Chronic tension patterns change as the body regains its innate ability to self-correct to ease and efficiency (neuromuscular re-patterning).  Change the way you move, change the way you live.  These movement awareness practices invite quiet mind, a deep unwinding and endless discovery.   This work stems from Somatic Unwinding, Hanna Somatics, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Skinner Releasing, BrainDance & my twenty years as a somatic movement educator.
Discover the amazing capacity of your nervous system for somatic releasing, resourcing and re-education.  
The 8 BrainDance movement patterns focus on the fundamental movement patterns which originally wired our brain/central nervous system. These patterns are the foundation for all movement and support optimal movement & cognitive function in any activity you do.  Bring agility, balance, strength and ease to all of the movement activities in your life.    BrainDance is an excellent cognitive and physical warm up.  The re-patterning will improve any physical activity you enjoy.  We can expand our possibilities for moving and thus living.
A five minute standing BrainDance is a wonderful work break.
Private Sessions with Jean are by appointment.
weekly Somatic Movement & Meditation semi-private class is tuesdays 6:00 7:00pm - contact Jean to reserve a space

Move   ~   A more active movement class bringing together somatics, yoga and dance inspired by my many years as a dancer, yoga teacher and somatic movement educator.  This class is inspired by my sheer love of movement and its ability to keep us awake, strong, agile, joyful and healthy.  Includes delicious somatic unwinding, the brilliant BrainDance patterns and movement inspired by my many years of dance including African & Brazilian dance.  open to all
Move semi-private Classes are Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am and Fridays 10:00 - 11:00am  contact Jean to reserve a space
Private Sessions with Jean are by appointment.

You may join classes, workshops, retreats, schedule private or semi-private sessions or arrange on-site visits to your workplace/classroom/art studios.

Private & Semi-Private Sessions
with Jean Hindle are by appointment     206-782-5044   jean@soma-yoga.com 
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Upcoming Workshops with Jean
register early!  these workshops fill.

A Weekend of Simple Self Care

with Jean Hindle, founder of Soma Yoga and Soma Yoga and Dance Studio

Learn short practices ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes to support your well being

A restorative & rejuvenating weekend of somatic movement, meditation, self-massage, Soma Yoga & BrainDance.
gentle   open to all   no previous experience needed
April 14-15  Saturday and Sunday  2:00 - 5:00pm
pre-registration required  limited to eight /please call or email to check on space availability before paying
$95 for the weekend - register early, these workshops fill quickly!
Jean Hindle  206-782-5044  jean@soma-yoga.com

to pay with PayPal  or mail registration to studio to reserve your spot:
Jean Hindle
1423 NW70th st
Seattle, WA 98117

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Soma Yoga practice MP3's
Basics, Deep Restoration, Office/Chair, Improvisational
these gentle practices are suitable for all level
 free practice MP3's come with class cards or purchase through website
gift certificates are available
for private sessions, classes, workshops, retreats, on-site visits
please contact Jean at the studio for these

jean@soma-yoga.com      (206) 782-5044       1423 NW 70th Street      Seattle, Washington   98117