Soma Yoga...& Dance!  Studio

            1423 NW 70th street   Seattle, WA 98117  

Soma Yoga & Dance Studio stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement


No creature ever falls short of its own completeness; wherever it stands,
 it does not fail to cover the ground.

--Dogen, 1233

Soma Yoga & Dance Studio has been happily in the Ballard Neighborhood in Seattle for 17 years.
  From tots to elders, our sweet, intimate studio is a community space for engaging with
somatic movement, dance, yoga, meditation, music, the creative arts, birthday parties,
 lectures, film projects, Playback Theater, Dialogues for Humanity, Painting Parties and much more.....


The studio is currently closed to classes keep us all safe and healthy.
Beginning July 1, I will be offering private sessions only at the studio (see below).

Please enjoy all teachers online offerings
 and/or donate to help us keep our doors open.
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we are hoping for another 17 years!

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all classes, privates sessions, workshops below, all teachers are independent

Jean is the founder of  Soma Yoga and Soma Yoga & Dance Studio

  She has been a somatic movement educator, soma yoga & meditation teacher and dancer in Seattle for 27 years.
She loves supporting people in finding freedom in mind, motion and creative courageous living.
 more bio

"Soma:  the body perceived from within." - Thomas Hanna

Private Sessions with Jean
 now scheduling in studio, online, phone and outdoor sessions
Somatic Movement Education,
Soma Yoga, Meditation, BrainDance, & more: see below link
please schedule with Jean   206-782-5044 
gift certificates for a friend in need are available now
for options to include in your sessions:

My weekly online Somatic Restoration & Meditation Class
starts in July date TBA

 somatic movement and meditation to support our nervous system and hearts during these times
  These meditation and movement awareness practices invite freedom of movement, quiet mind, a deep unwinding and endless discovery. 
Discover the amazing capacity of your nervous system for somatic releasing, resourcing and re-education. 
This online Zoom class is audio only for privacy to relax, turn inward & express freely.
These sessions draw strongly from Skinner Releasing, Hanna Somatics & my 30 years of dance & meditation.
to register, please email Jean

"The best relaxing and rejuvenating way to reconnect to the deliciousness of experiencing my body. 
The combination of her gentle voice and knowledge of physiological references with creative imagery
 invites an incredible freedom of movement.  Her guidance makes it so easy to move.
  It doesn't feel like a practice. It feels like a gift."  Zoe Nijsten, The Netherlands

Outdoor Somatics & Meditation Semi-Private (4) Sessions Coming in July!
scheduling now, please email Jean if interested in these

Semi-Private Online Simple Self Care Workshops coming soon limited to 5
email Jean if interested in these

My New Soma Snippets MP3's 
new Soma Snippets MP3's as well as my Soma Yoga MP3's from 2008
Soma Sleep MP3 when finished, will be free to everyone to support you during this time.

  All Fabulous Independent Teacher's Online Classes are below!
please register with each teacher, links below

Dance Healing with Hayley Shannon
Tuesdays 9-10:30am PST
Fridays 10-noon PST

Flowing with Uncharted Waters: Somatic Yoga with Veronica D'Orazio
wednesdays  7:30-8:30pm PST
register with Veronica here
for more information

Feldenkrais(R) Awareness Through Movement(R) with Chris Roberts
Saturdays  9:15-10:15am PST
register: Chris Roberts  206-781-7881

Feldenkrais(R) Awareness Through Movement(R) with LeeAnn Starovasnik    

Darrah Blanton Dance: Children's Dance Classes
  Classes offered  M/W/F
Brain compatible dance education for ages 18 months-8 years in a nurturing environment
with an emphasis on conceptual learning and creative exploration.
Featuring the Brain Dance.  Parent/toddler, Creative pre-ballet and Creative Ballet.
Contact Darrah for complete schedule and to register for one or more classes

Online Family Yoga (ages 3-6)
Saturdays 10:30am
Register at:
Outschool classes with Kate too:

Joyful Music Seattle : music and movement classes for 0-4 yrs.
singing, dancing and instrument play, while providing tools and methods
for parents to interact musically with their children.
Toddler and Baby Music Class, Bringing Music into Your Home
Questions? :

Yoga for Teens with Camille Dodson


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